Enoch Sup Lee

A Forum Moderator for, responsible for fostering a community of artists.

          With a firm foundation in Marketing and Branding, at Baruch College, ESL understands where art* can connect with the average joe, especially in a city like New York. With a culmination of Asian and American influences, design and color are essential to #conceptesl. Growing up as a fan of games such as Maple Story and Yu-Gi-Oh, unique character design was a key point of interest. ESL operates as a creative through observation; surrounded by endearing characters, projects, and news, there is always inspiration around!

ESL works as a brand, personality, and an art in itself.

 *Character design and illustration

Current Influences

-Kai Carpenter

-John Watkiss

-Dean Cornwell



-Dance (Breakdance/Choreography)

-Discover new sounds/music/

-Read a new, fresh book/article